UK is currently having lots of infections but very few deaths. Looking at recent deaths (around 25 a day), and comparing it to infections two weeks ago (around 10,000 a day), this is quite a good outcome. Vaccines have turned COVID-19 from a high-probability to a low-probability of death from infection.

As UK ends restrictions, I think it is obvious that the infections will go up a lot. They are already at 25,000 infections a day and will continue its exponential rise.

I believe that it is reasonable to expect roughly 5% of people to be infected in a given…

Both ATAGI and the Qld CHO have made confusing statements about the risk of COVID-19 vs AstraZeneca. While it is true that currently the death rate of COVID-19 is essentially zero, if there *is* an outbreak that calculus will change very quickly. By that time it may be too late for many of us to get immunised.

We need to get vaccinated before an outbreak. The rate of death right now is largely irrelevant. If we had a UK-sized outbreak, your death rate would be between 4 to 20X higher than taking AstraZeneca. This is scary because:

  1. Most of their…

I was reading an article “7 Racist Slurs Which You Should Drop From Your Vocabulary” that is gaining a bit of traction on Medium of late. Obviously, something in list form is going to grab my attention and I don’t want to accidentally make a fool of myself while simultaneously hurting those around me.

In the article, it is claimed that “Hip! Hip!” originates from the 1819 “Hep-Hep” riots in Germany. They were heinous pogroms in which Jews were killed, while the rioters yelled “Hep-Hep”.

Something didn’t feel quite right about that one, so I decided to look into it…

Compartmental models used by some governments to model COVID-19 critically underestimate our ability to control the epidemic

Dr James Jansson PhD
CrabMe Pty Ltd Modelling Group
James Jansson has PhD in Mathematical Modelling of HIV obtained from the University of NSW, Sydney Australia.
Disclosure: James Jansson is the Deputy Leader of the Science Party (Australia).


Governments are currently using SEIR compartmental models that are inadequate at accurately reflecting the interactions between people, the disease progression in those who are infected and the possible strategies towards elimination. …

Today Tether, dropped down to 85 US cents on some exchanges. Tether is far from living up to its name! Of course, many will claim “It’s just FUD!” (Fear uncertainty and doubt) spread by a fake email purporting to be from Binance.

Link to Boxmining’s Tweet

Of course, it was FUD. The email was a fake. However, we believe that it doesn’t matter that it was only FUD.

If you received an email about Bank of America being insolvent and depositors losing all their money, you wouldn’t believe it. But why?

What is it like building a new cryptocurrency in a falling market? The market is at $210B, the lowest it has been since November 15, 2017. That’s almost exactly a 75% pull back off an all-time high of $828B.

Market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and tokens

The biggest milestone, though, is the passing of Bitcoin above 50% market capitalization. Investors have decided that, at the moment, Bitcoin is worth more than all the other listed cryptoprojects combined. At this point, I will no doubt face questions about whether the market will continue to invest in cryptotokens an alt-coin projects.

Last night XCredits successfully demonstrated using XSPOCT to do arbitrary asset token exchange on Bitcoin, with full anonymity and the full security of the Bitcoin blockchain. We previously demonstrated (video & whitepaper) that you can use the XSPOCT Note system to transfer burnt Bitcoin between individuals in a completely private yet secure way.

How we did it

We generated a pretend token “FakeUSD”, issued by “Fake Bank”, where the Fake Bank generated $40,000,000 in tokens redeemable for USD at a Fake bank branch.

Alice then creates a burn transaction which establishes that she is creating an XSPOCT Note for this asset. The output address…

Author: James Jansson, CEO, XCredits
Updated 18th July 2018

Watch the introductory video here:

NOTE: this is NOT the XCredits Core whitepaper. It is simply a small part of the XCredits protocol, which can be applied to the Bitcoin protocol, and as such we have decided to release early. Please visit the Contents to see the status of that paper.

WARNING: The protocol specified in the below paper is in DRAFT only. The protocol may change in the future. …

James Jansson

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